Florida law requires that all motorized vessels be titled and registered.

To title and register a boat in the applicant’s name, please bring the following items to the Tax Collector’s office:

  • For new boats:
    • A “manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin” completed by the selling dealer and bill of sale or dealer invoice listing the purchase price, sales tax, and trade-in allowance. Please note, additional sales tax may be due.
  • For used boats:
    • The title must be properly completed for transfer by the seller.
  • Documented Vessels:
    • In addition to the items stated above, a valid Certificate of Documentation must be provided when titling and registering your documented vessel. Additionally, you will need to bring your updated document (or a copy of it) each year when renewing. If renewing by mail, a copy of the certificate can be mailed in with your renewal notice.

Note: Every person applying for ownership on a new or used vessel must sign the title or the Application For Certificate of Title or be present in our office to sign the application and provide personal identification.


  • Sales tax must be paid unless the transaction is exempt.
  • Title application fees range from $8.25 to $14.25 depending on the type of transaction.
  • Registrations are renewed annually. Boat registrations expire annually at midnight of the owner’s birthday. If more than one owner is on the title, it is based on the birthday of the 1st owner listed on the registration. For company owned boats, the expiration date is June 30th.


If you have built a vessel under 16 feet in length, a Vessel Statement of Builder and a Title Application will need to be completed. If the vessel is 16 feet in length or greater, it will need to be inspected by the Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC).  If the individual taking title is not the person who built it then they will also need a Bill of Sale from the individual they had build it.

Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife for inspection:

Northwest Region
George Warthen, Regional Director
3911 Hwy. 2321
Panama City, FL 32409-1658