Custom License Plates & Tags

The State of Florida currently offers various specialty tags or license plates. These plates carry unique designs and were created to honor the plate holder and/or benefit a specific organization.


  • The annual fee for these plates ranges from $15-$25. In addition to the annual use fee, there is a $5 per year processing fee. There is also a $28 plate fee when a new plate in issued. The annual use fee and the processing fee are charged each year, in addition to the registration renewal fee.
  • Specialty and personalized license plates may be obtained at the tax collector’s office.


Application for the initial personalized plate can be made at any time. The vehicle must have a current Florida license plate and registration at the time of application.

Upon initial application:

  • A $28 plate fee and a $15 personalization fee is charged, in addition to any other applicable fees.
  • If your current plate is 10 years old and scheduled to be replaced, you must order your new personalized plate no later than two months prior to your birth month or the month in which the vehicle registration expires.
  • The annual renewal of a personalized plate will include the $15 personalization fee.

Download the application for personalized license plate.