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Your tax collector’s office strives to be a team united in purpose to care for one another, our customers and community. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service delivered by a talented, passionate and caring team.

About the Office of Tax Collector

Florida Tax Collectors are independent constitutional officers elected every four years in the Presidential election year. The Bay County Tax Collector’s office collects and distributes local property taxes. We also collect motor vehicle, vessel and mobile home fees, conduct road tests and issue registrations, titles and driver licenses. The dollars we collect help support schools, parks, roads, libraries, waterways, and transit systems.

Tax Collectors are independent constitutional officers duly elected from their counties of residence by their fellow citizens and taxpayers. It is this independence, coupled with the fact that Tax Collectors deal with a variety of duties and responsibilities and provide a myriad of important public services, that allow them to exercise valuable leadership roles in Florida’s government.

The elected county office of Tax Collector in Florida was established in the 1885 State Constitution based on the idea that local taxes could best be collected at the local level. By being an elected office, it was determined that the Tax Collector would be more responsible to the needs of the community from which he was elected.

Along with their involvement in their own personnel and financial management matters, Tax Collectors participate in the management of the executive branches of state government which include the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Department of Motor Services and the Department of Revenue.

The Tax Collector sees all of these departments as a whole and, consequently, is able to coordinate and analyze the impact they have collectively. Staff members from various departments of state along with state legislators should and do draw heavily on the broad base of knowledge accumulated by the Tax Collectors in drafting tax legislation and establishing rules and regulations for carrying out the laws regarding the collection of taxes.

Current 2018 – 2019 Tax Collector’s Budget 

About Tax Collector Chuck Perdue

In November 2016, Chuck Perdue was elected Bay County Tax Collector. He was sworn into office on January 3rd, 2017. Chuck Perdue was born in Albany Kentucky but relocated to Bay County, Florida in 1984. He attended Bay High School, Gulf Coast Community College, Florida State University earning a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, and Troy University earning his Master’s Degree in Taxation.

Perdue has worked as a tax consultant for the past 20 years, representing companies in front of the Internal Revenue Service. He is also a founding member of a local CPA firm, specializing in accounting, tax preparation, and problem resolution.

Perdue brings a unique skill set to the Tax Collector’s office. His education combined with corporate and private business experience has allowed him to work towards a customer centered office focused on efficient and effective operations.

Married to wife Charla for 24 years, they have two boys. Zac is an airborne medic in the United States Army and Caleb is a sophomore at Florida State University. Chuck is actively involved in his church and the family is frequently involved in local and international mission projects. Together, they enjoy traveling, boating, and spending time with family and friends.